Welcome to SpyGlass Hill Capital Lending Corp.

Spyglass Hill Capital Lending Corp., a wholly owned subsidiary of DPW Holdings, Inc. (NYSE American: DPW) operates MonthlyInterest.com, our new online portal that facilitates investments that pay monthly interest. Monthlyinterest.com enables individuals to select the industry, the length of the investment and the interest rate that best fits their need, each of which pays interest monthly. The investments may include real estate developments, specialized high-tech manufacturing, commercial lending and other pecuniary projects. MonthlyInterest.com serves as an important source of private funding for DPW, DPW’s investment portfolio and divisions as well as our subsidiary, Digital Power Lending, LLC.

Digital Power Lending, LLC. (DPL), is a California licensed Finance Lender (CA License #60- DBO77095) that specializes in providing capital financing for small businesses through innovative products and services. DPL is a referral-based business seeking unique opportunities to assist in the growth of dynamic companies with operational experience and market accepted products and services.

Our team is led by Mr. William “Bill” Corbett. Mr. Corbett who has more than 30 years of experience in providing capital to many public and private businesses. His experience includes investment banking and managing broker dealer operations which raised billions of dollars for businesses. Mr. Corbett’s expertise to leverage his knowledge, experience, skill and contacts provides our investors with an opportunity to participate new transactions targeting undervalued opportunities. Mr. Corbett has assembled a team of professionals from Wall Street and the private financial marketplace that seek investments that will provide both top and bottom line growth and help provide businesses the capital necessary survive and create a fiscal future in which they can thrive.

Spyglass Hill Capital Lending Corp. is raising capital from institutions, family offices, endowments and accredited and non-accredited investors to deploy into a portfolio of loans through Digital Power Lending and the investment portfolio of DPW Holdings and its subsidiaries.

Spyglass Hill Capital Lending Corp. brings together decades of trusted relationships to share deal flow and opportunities with accredited and non-accredited investors through funding advantageous opportunities in the public and private sectors.